My life, my identity

I was born in November 1976 from an African family of eleven members, humble, pious and righteous parents and nine siblings, five sisters and brothers. My parents are originally from beautiful Comorian Islands who moved to the spices islands of Zanzibar in early 20th century, before shifting to the slopes of Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro region in Tanzania where I was born and raised. I was lucky to grow up in a humble family endowed with love and happiness where strict religious and worldly education was number one priority to everyone. From this lovingly and supportive mother and our nations' stable and progressive intellectual savy environment, envisioned and moulded by our national hero, Mwalimu Nyerere, i have always been inspired with the world of critical knowledge and understanding of world events. My inspiration is politics, leadership and service to humankind.

The Intellectual and visionary me..

With all the challenges my beloved continent is faced there is a natural beauty that keep my spirit high and kicking. Since my childhood I have come to believe that if perform my duty efficiently and effectively as I can, one day I will proudly be sitting in the shadow of African trees reminiscing my worthwhile life humbly serving my beloved continent. It is from this spirit that for years now I have dedicated my precious life in thinking, developing and working on many ideas, visions and projects that target on enhancing the beautiful talents of my fellow young inspired Africans from my home country Tanzania to the streets of New York. I truly believe with discipline and hardworking and that together we have a chance to realize the grand strategy of our founding elders based on united Africa for better Africa for all.