Let's Celebrate the Fall of Elder Comrade....

20th October 2011

Salute to the Fallen Elder Comrade Moummar Qaddafi. Your erratic, autocratic and sometimes mediocrity behaviors will be a lesson to all and your unquestionable commitment for the grand Panafrican nationalism will always be cherished and inspire the youthful continent.

You have gone the way you wanted and on the 1st ever Global Dignity day and also Africa's heroes day. Regards to Comrades Felix Moumie, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and Samora Machel whom you shared the same spirit and so your fates.

Your fall should not mourned but celebrated by the conscious Afrika. It has awaken many of us, especially the youth of Afrika.It has reminded us on our of perpetual vigilance to protect our hard worn independence and our aspirations as dignified beings. It has united Afrikan hearts and minds. Both the born again democrats and un-repented centralists (they call them dictators).Those against and for status quo!

A lot have been and will be said about the autocratic era of Qaddafi but one thing I know from our history is if those internal and external opponents of Mwalimu Nyerere's ideology, policies and leadership succeeded in toppling him then, most of us we would be singing same tunes like those celebrating Qaddafi demise.

Its only that he saw it coming and stepped aside for us to establish and inspire mfumofisadi (corrupt system) we now suffering from that we recognized his noble contribution to our lives and the continent at the expense of our mediocre freedom we now abuse instead of using for our development.

Only when we became captives of domestic and foreign manyang'au whom Qaddafi called the "vultures" of the small people dignity we came to appreciate the blessing of having Mwalimu as our founding Elder Leader!

As Comrade Samora Machel whom we are commemorating 25 anniversary of his death used to say...Aluta Continua