Nelson Mandela Leadership Philosophy and my Zanzibarinjema Dream.

 Happy Birthday Mzee Madiba.

Though I abhor the western pimping-iconization of #NelsonMandela, I duly admire and salute his unshaken philosophy of forgiveness n rainbow nation.  

To understand the value of Nelson Mandela philosophy Tanzanians need to look Zanzibar timulutous history.   

Zanzibar timulutous history of never ending sociopolitical cleavages has dwarf all it's economic power potential.  

While we now have a new Gov of National Unity dispensation in #Zanzibar, more needs done to protect and nurture the  spirit of cooperation in making Zanzibarinjema.  

The noble leadership of three genuine and humble brothers, Ally Shein, Seif Sharif and Ali Seif Idi, needs be supported by institutions of forgiveness, trust and hope above all.  

For this to be achieved and sustain above the three personalities and the constitution, a culture of constructive engagement and embracing of the power of diversity is paramount.  

More, I sometime think maybe we should dare to establish Kamisheni ya Ukweli, Uwazi na Maelewano!

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