Africas silent anger!

August 2011

Reports of Libya rebels massacre of black skinned Libyans and emigrants from sub sahara Africa makes my blood boils with anger.

However this is not news to me as I saw it from the beginning that religious fanatism and racism is fundamentally centered within the NATO supported rebels.

They hated to be led by a Bedouin Ghadafi, they hated his African agenda as it was obvious during the massacre of black Africans some years ago around Benghazi and bengazis dominated eastern tripoli.

Unfortunately there those misguided Activists have guts to question why most of African government stand of not rushing to legitimize these racist fanatic myopic opportunists western nurtured and aided venture....aghhhh

Thinking Africans wont embrace rebels due to so called Ghadafi bankrolling history is as closed minded as those thinking that #libya is only oil issue.

If it's the issue of bankrolling it is the African leaders silence on the utterly abuse of their little trust to international community safeguarding their masters paycheck that should be noticed.

Actually most if those who were really bankrolled like Senegal, Gambia, Malawi and others were the first to betray him.

It's time for those who think they know us better than ourselves to understand that though we are fucked up as a continent we still cling to principles over opportunism when it comes to what is Africa and our grand aspirations!

I wish those #libya rebels cheerleaders would notice the silence anger that is boiling inside African population and how it gonna blow!

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